Dard Ni Grants – Rural Life – Rural Development Fund £50,000 Per Project!

A new funding programme for renewable energy projects ( i.e wind turbines) is now available from the DARD Rural Development Programme - ”Rural Life” stream.  The programme provides 50% of eligible project costs up to a maximum of £50,000.00 per project. 

Potential funding levels, up to £50k will depend on the specifics of the project. 

Depending on the technology proposed, certain prerequisits are necessary at the time of application, for example an independant feasibility study (not produced by the technology installer).  Funding is also available for 50% of the cost of feasibility studies, under the technical assistance element of the same programme.  It should also be noted that installers must be MCS accredited.

Eligble groups include:

  • Farmers (diversifying into energy production, i.e wind turbine)

  • Community Groups

  • Rural Businesses


Administration and Application:

The scheme is administered via several Local Action Groups (LAGs) spread throughout Northern Ireland.  For more information please contact Action Renewables or contact your local LAG directly.  Contact details for the LAGs are available on the DARD website.

Action Renewables will be holding seminars on the types of project which are eligible, applying for funding and other approvals, feasibility studies and MCS accreditiation.  These will be held in June 2011- date and location to be confirmed . (these will be detailed on the latest news section of the website.)


A full list of the revelant Local Action Groups (LARG’s), in Northern Ireland is listed below:

Admin Unit Managers  
Name Emma Stubbs   Name Marguerite Osborne  
Address C/o Antrim Borough Council, Antrim Civic Centre, 50 Stiles Way, Antrim, BT41 2UB   Address Ards Business Centre, Sketrick House, Jubilee Road, Newtownards, BT23 4YH  
Tel 028 94 481 311   Tel 028 91 820 748  
Email emma.stubbs@antrim.gov.uk   Email Marguerite.Osborne@ards-council.gov.uk  
Name Andrew McAlister   Name Terry Scullion  
Address Ecos Centre Millennium Environmental Centre, Kernohan’s Lane, Broughshane Road, Ballymena, BT43 7QA   Address Gortalowry House, 94 Church Street, Cookstown, BT80 8HX  
Tel 028 25 638 263   Tel 028 86 76 4714  
Email Andrew.rdp@ballymena.gov.uk   Email terry.scullion@cookstown.gov.uk  
Name Elaine Cullen   Name Padraic Murphy  
Address Craigavon Borough Council, Lakeview Road, Craigavon, BT64 1AL   Address c/o Lisburn City Council, Island Civic Centre, The Island, Lisburn, BT27 4RL  
Tel 028 38 312 573   Tel 028 9250 9383 or 07791757497  
Email elaine.cullen@craigavon.gov.uk   Email Padraic.murphy@lisburn.gov.uk  
ARC NW        
Name Donagh Jackman (Covering for Claudine McGuigan)        
Address (Temporarily) Omagh District Council, The Grange, Mountjoy Road, Omagh, BT79 7BL        
Tel 028 82 245 321        
Email Donagh.Jackman@omagh.gov.uk Claudine.mcguigan@omagh.gov.uk        


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